Learning and Development


Our employees have unmatched drive and dedication. We reciprocate their commitment by maximizing their career development opportunities through inclusion initiatives, talent-review processes and learning programs.

Sandoz wants to provide a challenging learning environment for all employees across the organization. By investing in the development of our people, we fuel the current and future growth of Sandoz, further reinforcing its leadership in the global generics industry.

At Sandoz, we have a transparent people development process, which is structured according to the objectives of the individual employee and development plan agreed between employee and manager. In this way, we also ensure continuous alignment of the employee’s training and development needs with overall business priorities.

Our people development programs are focused on learning activities that have the greatest impact on employee development, and support them to achieve their individual objectives. This will often include experience-based learning activities that are complemented by standard class room trainings and workshops

All of our learning and development activities at Sandoz take place in a local, regional or global context, and are supported by a strong collaboration with Novartis. As part of the Novartis group, Sandoz employees also benefit from the exchange of knowledge and sharing of best practices that occur across the different Novartis business divisions

One example of successful cross-divisional collaboration is the Novartis Corporate Learning Program, where key employees and leaders from all Novartis divisions are invited to join world-class training and development programs. These programs are led by a number of senior Novartis executives, together with some of the most world-renowned faculties and consultancies

A second example is our iLearn – e-learning platform, which provides employees world-wide with short, intense e-learning sessions on numerous topics and areas of interest.

Talent Development

learning_development.jpg We also need to ensure that we have solid, appropriate and actionable succession plans in place for critical leadership positions. To this end, we have a number of talent management programs and processes in place, which focus on the development and growth of internal talent. At Sandoz, we make certain that our people remain our most significant source of competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our annual “Organization and Talent Review” is one of the key business processes that helps Sandoz develop its leadership talent. The review is conducted each year on a worldwide basis to:

  • assess the leadership potential of individuals;
  • focus accelerated development plans;
  • align development activities for key talent; and
  • measure the depth of our talent pipeline.

We have an ongoing focus to develop people, so that they might progress their career and personal development, and ultimately grow our business. As a result, this is one of the key areas for which we hold our managers accountable, and why people management is a key objective of every Sandoz manager.