Our Winning Culture


At Sandoz, our performance-oriented culture and responsible approach are the foundation of our success, which we recognize depends on the creativity, dedication and performance of our people. As a result, we believe in employing outstanding people, who individually and as a team deliver outstanding results.

Our annual performance management process here at Sandoz reflects our dedication to the achievement of outstanding results. This process is implemented in all countries in which we operate, and applies to most positions in our company. At the beginning of each financial year, employees agree on objectives that they will be expected to achieve that year with their manager. These objectives support overall business priorities and are typically both individual and team-based.


Our global annual performance management process ensures:

  • Alignment of individual work goals and company objectives;
  • Clear performance expectations between employee and manager;
  • Timely, objective and behavior-based feedback to employees regarding their performance and behavior;
  • A performance-oriented culture focused on continuous improvement and personal development; and,
  • Commitment to collaboration between both individuals, departments and functions.

We expect our people to take responsibility for delivering their objectives, and hold them accountable for their performance during the year. At the same time, each of our managers has a responsibility to ensure that employees receive the coaching, development and support they need in the achievement of these goals, as well as opportunities to develop and progress inside the Sandoz/Novartis organization. We want our people to succeed in achieving their objectives, but also encourage them to strive to perform above the expectations set.

At the end of the year, individual performance is evaluated by both the employee and manager. During this assessment, we evaluate not only the results achieved, but also the behaviors which have led to the result, as at Sandoz we recognize and reward both outstanding results and outstanding behavior.

One of the ways by which we define a winning culture at Sandoz can be summarized as follows:

Combining a high-performing organization with high-performing individuals, where both strive to continuously improve and outperform expectations.