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Sandoz partners with WHO-CC to bring pharmacovigilance training to Ghana

Holzkirchen, Germany, February 24, 2014
Sandoz in Ghana recently partnered with the World Health Organization Collaboration Centre (WHO-CC) for Advocacy and Training in Pharmacovigilance to provide Ghanaian pharmacists with advanced training.

The WHO Centre aims to improve and promote patient safety by driving the rational use of medicines through training healthcare professionals in pharmacovigilance. The recent training took place at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, the biggest teaching hospital of Ghana.

The thirty pharmacists attending the event received training on adverse drug identification, monitoring and reporting. These healthcare practitioners left the training with tools that can be used to further educate other colleagues in their local offices.

“I believe that the pharmacists, who partook in the training, are now well equipped with current knowledge and skills to identify, monitor and report adverse events in the hospital. I thank Sandoz for organizing the pharmacovigilance training program and I hope that Sandoz will continue to support the hospital with training programs which help healthcare professionals offer quality, safe and focused care to patients” said Mrs. Elizabeth Bruce, Director of Pharmacy at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

The Ghana National Drug Policy recognizes the need for pharmacovigilance and medicine information services and considers post marketing surveillance and pharmacovigilance important aspects of medicines registration and selection in Ghana. (1)

(1) Jude Nwokkie and Kwesi Eghan. April 2010. Pharmacovigilance in Ghana: A Systems Analysis. Arlington. UNAID, SPS.


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