Corporate Responsibility

Novartis releases 2013 Corporate Responsibility Performance Report

August 29, 2014 - Novartis has a strong history of CR activities, and transparent reporting is a central part of our commitment to corporate responsibility. We have publicly reported on our performance in this area since 2000 through our Annual Report and several online and printed materials.

For 2013, we have consolidated information previously published in our separate GRI; Health, Safety and Environment; and United Nations Global Compact reports into a single Corporate Responsibility Performance Report.

This report enhances our transparency in several key areas, including human resources, supply chain and ethics, and aims to meet the needs and expectations of CR professional audiences by offering easy access to key data. The report also details progress against Novartis priorities, defined following a CR materiality analysis completed in 2013.

The report reflects the best-in-class reporting standard, the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G4 guidelines, one year in advance of required implementation. The GRI’s fourth generation of CR reporting guidelines were launched in May 2013. They emphasize the need for companies to focus on the process of identifying topics that are material for corporate responsibility in their specific business and among their key stakeholders.


You can review 2013 CR achievement highlights, including Sandoz projects, or download the report for yourself, by visiting


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