Corporate Responsibility

Sandoz recognizes World Pneumonia Day, raising awareness of the leading cause of infectious death globally among children under five

November 12, 2014

Pneumonia kills 1 million children each year. Amoxicillin is the #1 treatment for childhood pneumonia. Sandoz holds the leading position in antibiotics and amoxicillin is one of our top ten products worldwide.


In June 2014, Sandoz committed to the world’s first comprehensive plan to eliminate preventable deaths of newborn and stillborn babies, the United Nations Every Newborn Action Plan. In October 2014, Sandoz supplied the UN with 100,000 packs of amoxicillin 250mg dispersible tablets (ST). Sandoz is also a member of the UN Pneumonia Innovations Team.

Sandoz aims to supply 20,000,000 tablets of Amoxicillin 250 mg DT to the UN in 2015 to reach up to 1 million children during the 2nd year of supply.


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