Corporate Responsibility

Sandoz supports prudent use of antibiotics on EU Antibiotic Awareness Day

November 18, 2014 - European Antibiotic Awareness Day is an annual European public health initiative to raise awareness about the threat to public health of antibiotic resistance and the importance of prudent antibiotic use.

The latest data confirms that across the European Union the number of patients infected by resistant bacteria is increasing and that antibiotic resistance is a major threat to public health.

Prudent use of antibiotics can help stop resistant bacteria from developing and help keep antibiotics effective for the use of future generations.

Sandoz has a long history in antibiotics and created the world’s first oral antibiotic, “Penicillin V” in 1951. In addition, Sandoz is working to be a partner of choice for governments aiming to improve access to medicines and upgrade healthcare systems, implementing programs where the need is greatest.

Just last month, Sandoz delivered 100,000 packs of amoxicillin 250mg dispersible tablets to the United Nations, to support the fight against childhood pneumonia.


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