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Sandoz Brazil creates program to support employment for persons with disabilities

December 03, 2014 - Sandoz in Brazil has partnered with the Londrina Ministry of Labor, the Londrina State University and other local entities to create INcluir, a unique program that offers professional skills training to people with disabilities. The aim of the program is to build-up the regional talent pool of qualified, disabled workers and to support their employment.

The 2013 INcluir graduating class at the Sandoz Brazil office. 

As is common in most countries, national law in Brazil requires companies with a certain number of employees to meet a hiring quota for people with disabilities. In the past, Sandoz Brazil struggled to find capable people to fill the company’s needed positions.

An interview survey of 36 people with varying disabilities (blind, deaf, mentally and physically disabled), conducted by the Department of Psychology of the State University of Londrina, showed that most interviewees wanted to work but didn’t have the capability to comply with company’s needs. The survey also showed that interviewees wanted to increase their knowledge of a foreign language, especially English, and improve computer and information technology skills.

In partnership with local entities, Sandoz Brazil developed and provided a capability education course for disabled people, focusing on their areas of interest and on skills which Sandoz Brazil and other local companies need in their workers.

With these results, Sandoz Brazil partnered with SENAI, a government arm providing professional education. Sandoz Brazil hosted the course at its site in Cambe and provided free transportation for the participants.

On May 28th 2013, Sandoz Brazil held the graduation ceremony for 14 students who had finalized 160 hours of course work. Sandoz shared the graduates’ resumes with other companies in the region, along with a signed letter from Sandoz Human Resources. One of the graduates was hired for a role in Sandoz Brazil packaging department and continues working there today.


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