Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

At Sandoz, we believe financial success and social commitment go hand in hand. Our corporate responsibility program is a strategic priority for our business, focusing on increasing access to affordable medicines, and being a responsible and ethical employer, community member and business leader.

Sandoz Corporate Responsibility furthers our business mission by developing programs, social business models, and other initiatives which increase accessibility, affordability and availability of high-quality medicines for patients around the world.

Sandoz Corporate Responsibility centers on

  • Increasing access to health services, medicines and health education for underserved low-income patients in both the developed and developing world
  • Supporting our associates and benefitting the communities that host our operations through strategic social endeavors
  • Adopting a preventive approach, striving to make efficient use of natural resources and minimizing our environmental impact
  • Setting and maintaining the highest standard of ethical business conduct and strengthening governance

We employ the highest possible ethical standards in all of our business practices and activities worldwide. These global standards apply equally to our employees and business partners alike.

As a Novartis company, we are proud to align with Novartis corporate responsibility initiatives. To learn more about Novartis CR, click here.

Increasing access to affordable medicines, healthcare services and education

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