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Sandoz B.V. and Novartis Confirm Receipt of a Decision from the European Commission

December 10, 2013

Sandoz B.V., a subsidiary of Novartis, and Novartis confirm that they received the European Commission’s decision that a 2005 agreement between Sandoz subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Janssen-Cilag related to the co-promotion of Fentanyl violated competition law. Sandoz B.V. and Novartis reject the Commission’s allegation that the 2005 co-promotion agreement was intended to deprive patients in the Netherlands of cheaper medicines. The decision relates to the market entry in the Netherlands of the generic version of Fentanyl pain medication solely. The originator version of Fentanyl was continuously available in The Netherlands at that time.

After reviewing the Commission's decision but without consenting to its conclusions and statements of facts and law contained therein, Sandoz B.V. and Novartis have decided not to appeal the decision and the fine.

We look forward to putting this historical matter behind us.

Novartis and Sandoz are committed to the highest standards of ethical business and expect all employees to follow our code of conduct. Both Novartis and Sandoz fully believe in competition and are committed to producing high-quality, affordable medicines to help people around the world secure access to healthcare.