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Tuberculosis remains a global health challenge; Sandoz continues commitment to fighting the disease

March 24, 2014
Today is World Tuberculosis Day. Despite great progress made in the fight to eradicate Tuberculosis (TB), the disease remains a global killer and disproportionately affects the world’s poor. Sandoz, a leading provider of high-quality, affordable generic medicines, has the opportunity to significantly contribute to the fight against TB.

Lack of access to healthcare is a major contributing factor to the millions of new TB cases each year

In developing countries, there are often serious challenges to patient access to healthcare. Along with medicines and professional treatment, this includes access to healthcare education, such as how to detect TB and how to properly treat the disease. Over 95% of TB deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries, according to the WHO.

Sandoz wants to contribute to the long-term goal of eliminating Tuberculosis. We do this by being one of the main suppliers of anti-TB medicines to the WHO Global Drug Facility. Sandoz represents 25% of the anti-TB medicine supply to the WHO and our medicines reach approximately 500,000 people a year who are living with Tuberculosis. We aim to increase our reach significantly by 2016 by bringing our high-quality, affordable TB medicines to more countries around the world.

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