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Sandoz associates join Novartis Community Partnership Day 2014

May 15, 2014

More than 19,000 Novartis associates worldwide volunteer for local causes on Community Partnership Day

Novartis associates across 55 countries engaged in local volunteer efforts to support their communities in celebration of the company's annual Community Partnership Day (CPD).

May 8th of this year marked the 18th Community Partnership Day, commemorating the 1996 creation of Novartis as a global leader in healthcare.

There is strong participation from all Novartis divisions in 2014, including Sandoz. Here we feature some examples of CPD activities from across the Sandoz network.

On his third day on the job, newly appointed Sandoz Global Head, Richard Francis, volunteered to help kindergarteners in Holzkirchen, Germany plant an herb garden.

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Sandrine Piret-Gérard, Country Head Sandoz Germany, helped children paint tree trunks to brighten up the grounds of a local grade school. 037_CPD_8194

Associates in Barleben, Germany supported young adults with disabilities by helping with various projects.Barleben_CPD_2014

Associates in Barleben also hosted a pizza party for children living with cancer. Barleben_CPD_2014_2

More than 150 Associates of Novartis Bangladesh, including Sandoz associates, observed Community Partnership Day. Head Office associates engaged with students of Jaago, a charitable school for underprivileged slum children, and helped them draw Mother’s Day cards.Mothers_Day_Cards_by_Jaago_Children

Sandoz and Novartis associates in Slovenia brought primary school children with special needs to visit the House of Experiments, introducing the children to hands-on science and educational activities.SLOVENIA_2SLOVENIA_1SLOVENIA_3