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Sandoz launches the Balans programme in Central and Eastern Europe to promote healthier living

  • The Balans programme focuses on educating patients about the benefits of probiotics, which help our digestive tract to metabolize the food we consume, maintain the health of our intestines, and support the function of our immune system.
  • The use of probiotics presents a natural and safe way to keep the balance of our intestinal microbiota, which is important for our well-being.
  • The Balans programme complements the 30 years of experience Sandoz has in the field of microbiotics and its strong line of Linex probiotic products.

Holzkirchen, Germany, July 9th, 2015 – As part of Sandoz‘ efforts to promote healthier living, Sandoz is launching the Balans programme in a number of Central and Eastern European countries, including Slovenia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Serbia and Romania, in addition to Russia and Turkey. Each country will provide a unique mix of collateral in support of the programme, with some countries also launching a dedicated website. The first such website is, which is available in Slovenian.

Balans is a custom-made lifestyle programme that focuses on educating patients about the benefits of probiotics, which help preserve the balance of the intestinal microbiota (also called intestinal flora or gut microflora) and support the function of our immune and digestive systems. Along with educating associates, healthcare professionals and patients about the link between probiotics and physical well-being, the programme offers simple but effective exercises, healthy recipes and various other tips that will help people navigate their daily routines.

Sandoz has extensive experience in the field of probiotics and a strong family of probiotic products. Since 1982, when Sandoz started the production of probiotics in Prevalje, Slovenia, the Linex line of probiotic products – known as Bakso in Turkey – has presented quality protection for balanced microbiota with its unique composition, quality and technological innovation. Sandoz is proud of its heritage of more than 30 years of probiotic quality.

To date, Sandoz probiotics have reached millions of people in more than 40 countries around the world. Linex products (Linex, Linex Forte, Linex Baby or Linex Linbi in Slovenia) are manufactured under the same high quality standards as our other medicinal products with decades of expertise and experience. Combined with tips on exercising and healthy diet, as well as education on probiotics, Sandoz will help patients throughout Central and Eastern Europe live balanced lifestyles. Linex was the number one brand in the probiotic category in Central and Eastern Europe in 20131.

About Sandoz

Sandoz, a division of Novartis, is a global leader in generic pharmaceuticals, driving sustainable access to high-quality healthcare. Sandoz employs more than 26,000 people worldwide and supplies a broad range of affordable products to patients and customers around the globe.

The Sandoz global portfolio comprises approximately 1,100 molecules, which accounted for 2014 sales of USD 9.6 billion. Sandoz holds the global #1 position in biosimilars as well as in generic anti-infectives, ophthalmics and transplantation medicines. Sandoz also holds leading global positions in key therapeutic areas ranging from generic injectables, dermatology and respiratory to cardiovascular, metabolism, central nervous system, pain and gastrointestinal.

Sandoz develops, produces and markets finished dosage form (FDF) medicines as well as intermediary products including active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and biotechnological substances. Nearly half of the Sandoz portfolio is in differentiated products – medicines that are scientifically more difficult to develop and manufacture than standard generics.

In addition to strong organic growth since consolidating its generics businesses under the Sandoz brand name in 2003, Sandoz has consistently driven growth in selected geographies and differentiated product areas through a series of targeted acquisitions, including Hexal (Germany), EBEWE Pharma (Austria), and Fougera Pharmaceuticals (US). Sandoz is on Twitter. Sign up to follow @Sandoz_global at


1Source: Nicholas Hall's global OTC database' DB6. Central and Eastern Europe includes: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

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