At Sandoz, we make far more than just traditional off-patent medicines. We lead the way in the development and production of differentiated, complex products that are based on a variety of drug delivery mechanisms. These products range from biosimilars, other complex injectables and inhalables, to implants, transdermal patches and complex oral solids.

  • At the top or most complex part of the differentiation pyramid lie biosimilars (also known as follow-on biologics), which are applied by injection. With three marketed biosimilars, Sandoz has a pioneering and global leadership position in this highly complex and emerging field.
  • Inhalables combine complex drugs with sophisticated medical devices to meet the rapidly growing demand for affordable new options in the treatment of asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) in an equally challenging regulatory environment.
  • Injectables refer to non-biologic drugs taken via injection, which follow a parenteral route of administration. They are the cornerstone of modern hospital treatment and most typically include intradermal, subcutaneous, intramuscular and intravenous methods of application. At Sandoz we manufacture a variety of injectable products, including liquid vials, lyophilized vials, powder for oral suspensions and pre-filled syringes.
  • Complex topical medications such as patches are an innovative transdermal alternative for controlled drug delivery through the skin and into the bloodstream, and are particularly effective in ensuring patient compliance.
  • Developments in oral solids, such as extended or slow release tablets or capsules and oral films, improve controlled drug delivery and the ease of use, ensuring greater patient compliance and more effective treatments. Oral films are particularly effective for patients who need fast acting treatment or who have difficulties swallowing oral medications.

Our differentiated product portfolio and the formulations we provide differ with respect to their complexity of development and production, and thus the level of expertise, know-how and technologies required. The most complex end of this spectrum includes biosimilars, injectables and inhalables, where only a handful of companies successfully compete with quality products. Next to specialist expertise and know-how, these product classes also require substantial investments across the value chain, creating significant barriers-to-entry to these markets.

Such differentiated products already account for over a third of our portfolio, and are complemented by an expansive offering of standard generic medicines. Some examples of where we make a difference include:

Biosimilars – We pioneered and clearly lead the way with three biosimilars on the market: Omnitrope® (human growth hormone), Binocrit® (Epoetin-alfa) and Zarzio® (G-CSF), accounting for about half of the global regulated market.

Inhalables –Sandoz has also led the way with the introduction of the first EU centrally-approved generic inhalable salbutamol.

Injectables – Our July 2010 US launch of generic enoxaparin, next to a strong portfolio of Oncology Injectables, propelled Sandoz to a top two position in the global generic injectables market, delivering on our strategy of being first-to-market with key products, and underscoring our leadership in increasing patient access to vital medicines.

Patches – Sandoz retains a top position with its Fentanyl patch, pain treatment, in the US and German markets, allowing continuous and targeted drug delivery of this controlled substance.

Oral solids – Modified and targeted release forms require specialized know-how and dedicated equipment. Sandoz is the only company to have launched an innovative oral film form of risperidon in Germany, allowing for fast-acting treatment and easier administration for patients experiencing difficulties swallowing oral medications.


Pioneering Biosimilars

Sandoz is the pioneer and undisputed global leader in the rapidly emerging market for biosimilars. Visit our stand-alone Biosimilars website to find out more


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